Namaste Wanderers!

So Here’s a little bit about how Wander Bharat Came into being. Wander Bharat is the dream of two people who love traveling, exploring, and learning.
Before we decided to take this up in full spree, we worked a typical 9-5 corporate job. now that job did fill our pockets but not the soul. After a couple of years into the job, it was time to reflect upon ourselves and choose whether to live with something that makes you miserable or follow your passion. It was n’t an instant decision but the decision was to give ourselves and our dream a chance.
With that, the corporate job was said goodbye to and the dream of traveling, exploring and learning was embraced. And now we travel different parts of India to get a perspective on things, to learn what books could not teach us.
There is so much to traveling, it is not just a leisure activity, there is so much more to it, it gives you perspectives, it teaches you things nothing else, it shows you the true meaning of life, it shows
what tiny space in the world we hold, it is the most humbling experience ever.
Like they say we don’t travel to escape life, we do that so life can’t escape us. And we won’t let life escape you, we promise.

We hope you join us on this journey. Connect with us on media platforms and get the updated of all the latest travel expeditions and a lot of other fun stuff.


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